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"I want to serve on the commission because I think I can provide
a voice that is missing.  I want to continue to advocate for the hard working folks here who feel like they’re not being heard.
I feel that this an extension of the work that I started as Pinckney Neighborhood president by
going door to door, building relationships and to get to know my neighborhood; advocating
for those who are unable
to participate or excluded
from the process."
Equity should be our baseline
As the pandemic and other current conditions have shown us, we’ve still got some work to do.  We need to make sure that everyone has the same access to maintain their health, healthy food, and safe spaces to live. That’s something that we’ve been concentrating on with the Douglas County Health Improvement Plan and I want to keep that momentum going.
Housing - Affordability, Availability, Houselessness
We need both affordable and available housing, while taking into account all potential solutions and partners. The lack of supply and affordability is disrupting our ability to help people who are transitioning from houslessness into housing, to those who are simply looking to build equity for their family’s future, and everyone in between.  Additionally, more support for our social services are vitally needed to help those on the verge and to make sure that for those that are houseless or at risk, the transition and our policies are sustainable.
Economic Development that works
Specifically, we need to make sure our policies and opportunities address the needs of the folks who are currently in the city (especially those of underserved communities and frontline workers).  While I support plans to bring new development to the city, I want to make sure that we balance it by not leaving out people who are already here.  Part of that is ensuring that people coming out of our post secondary institutions have a place and support as well. It takes hard work to maintain that delicate balance that makes this town great for people that live and work here and for the people to come. Finally, I think we need to develop clarity about what we want our post-COVID/recession recovery to look like; I look forward to seeing what folks think about it.
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